Friday, March 28, 2014

Here’s a short blurb I just wrote at the request of Hans Tammen, who’s Dark Circuits festival I’ll be featured in this coming June.

“After studying electronic music in high school and college, I decided to use the same principles in acoustic music, limiting my material to only glass objects. The concepts of “carriers” and “modulators,” as well as many other concepts involved in analog electronic sound fit very well in the exploratory world of glass acoustics. After many years of exploring new glass instruments, I am returning to analog electronics, now applying the principles discovered in the acoustic world back to the electronic realm.”

I discuss the use of electronic music principles and my approach to glass playing in my article “Why Glass” in John Zorn’s book ARCANA IV. Moving back to electronics from glass is still fairly exploratory at the point.  I am, however, not forsaking glass.

Here are some examples of both approaches.

Transverse Crescent

Yaw, Pitch, & Roll


Frasconi/Ligeti Duo

Solo Glass

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