John Cage Variety Show

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mode Records presents the John Cage Variety Show, directed by Miguel Frasconi. September 16, 2011, The Stone, NYC. (excerpt)

An evening of pieces by John Cage, performed simultaneously and independently. Works include In a Landscape, Music for Amplified Toy Piano, Cheap Imitation, Variations II, Solo for Sliding Trombone, Composed Improvsiation, 45′ for a Speaker, excerpts from Song Books, early songs and an ensemble performance of 4’33” (not included in this excerpt).

Roland Auzet (snare drum), Richard Carrick & Chris Cochrane (guitars), Martha Cluver (soprano), Miguel Frasconi (toy pianos, electronics), Christopher McIntyre (trombone, voice), Jovita Zähl (piano).

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