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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

… about Toronto. John Oswald has some excellent samples of his varied work online. He played me this piece when we first met back in 1975. This is some of the visual art he is doing now.

Below is a picture of the gamelan I helped start in Toronto in 1982. Composer Jon Siddall had just returned from studying at Mills College with Lou Harrison. He asked Lou to buy him a degung ensemble gamelan on his next trip to Java. Jon then asked me to help him start a group, and the Evergreen Club Gamelan was born. (Jon doesn’t run the group anymore, but it’s still going strong.) Here’s what it looked like back then, ca. 1983 (performing a piece by Trichi Sankaran).

Evergreen Club Gamelan, 1983

(That’s me just to the right of Sankaran, with Andrew Timar above my head, playing suling, and Jon Siddall playing gongs.)

I think that’s enough about Toronto, for now anyway.

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