Out of Hiding, part 1

Friday, July 25, 2008

I have not been writing here, obviously. First because I was too busy, then because I needed a break. So now I am coming out of hiding. Next weekend is August and I start up my crazy schedule again (more on that later). So I thought I’d better check in here while I still have time to do so.

So what have I been doing? Well, pretty much going non stop from the end of February through the end of June of this year. Here’s the run-down:

Feb 21: Chris McIntyre‘s gig at The Stone, featuring a quartet with me (glass), Chris (trombone), Shelley Burgon (harp) and Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon). An auspicious beginning to my 4 month music frenzy. You can listen to the entire concert here.

Feb 22-27: The very next day left for Toronto to play my first gig there in 22 years. (I ended my 8 years of being Canadian in 1986.) I also went up there to start work on a dance/music collaboration with my dear friend and wonderful choreographer Maxine Heppner. We played a gig at Somewhere There. Starting off with solo glass:

MF in TO

Then presenting our work-in-progress collaboration, with Maxine dancing solo and I improvising on laptop (Ableton Live). Here’s a taste:

and some photos:

March 1: Returning to NY, went right into rehearsals for the first Ne(x)tworks gig of the season. This one featuring the work of Jon Gibson (wind player in the Philip Glass Ensemble since the very beginning). I first heard Jon’s music at the first Kitchen (in NYC) when I was 16. Ne(x)tworks actually played one of the pieces I heard back then. I think Jon is one of the most under-appreciated composers from those early years of NY minimalism. But unlike Glass or Reich, (but like Terry Riley and LaMonte Young), Jon usually incorporated some sort of improvisation in his solo and ensemble work. It’s always such a joy and inspiration to play his music. (I will be uploading this concert to the Open Source Audio site soon.) I look forward to working more with him.

Jon Gibson:

Also on this program was the Ne(x)tworks Trio, which brings me to the next event of the season.

March 4-6: a 3 day residency at the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast, N. Ireland. The NxW Trio is me (glass+electronics), Joan LaBarbara (voice), and Cornelius Dufallo (violin). The composer/improvisor Tim Hodgkinson flew up from London to meet and hear us. (Tim is working on a piece for our full ensemble.) SARC is a beautiful facility with some very interesting students and teachers. They were very appreciative of our work. Here’s what the NxW Trio sounded like on March 1 in NYC:

(audio here soon!)

Here is a documentation recording of an informal improv with the trio plus Tim (clarinet). Unfortunately, Joan is not well recorded here.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

March 20: Then, as if all that wasn’t enough, the month finished off with the first concert of the year by Gamelan Son of Lion. A very fun show at Issue Project Room. Lots of gongs!

Part 2 of this chronicle soon.

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