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Friday, August 24, 2007

In my post about Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (I just added a video, below), I mentioned they could well be the offspring of Glenn Branca. I think I misspoke. The more appropriate connection is with the honorable Captain Beefheart. I think it’s a “mass of sound” vs. “rhythmic complexity” issue. CB & SGM seem to work with those two aspects equally, while GB works more with the former. (Then of course there’s the whole singing thing.)

I found a bunch of the good captain’s old videos on youtube the other day. Genius. I’ve included a relatively recent one (1980). I also found a solo Branca video from ’78. He is of course known for his huge amplified ensembles, not quite right for youtube viewing, but this solo comes across well.

But, man, that Captain B! I just can’t get enough of him. It’s like It is beautifully complex chamber music.

Ashtray Heart from 1980.

Glenn Branca solo 1978

(Check out the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum video, a few posts down.)

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